Monday, September 26, 2011

San Francisco

We are so grateful to our friends planning for the tour in San Francisco, particularly a group of professional dancers from Bay Area dance companies that have come together to prepare and fundraise for the tour.

Courtney Elizabeth writes this about her experience on the SF Ballet blog:

A few of my colleagues and I decided to use our talents to help COU raise money to bring some of these children to perform in the U.S. As a dancer, I was really moved by their connection to the arts—sometimes, I struggle with wondering if I should be in a career that makes more of a difference in the world, but COU gave me a fresh perspective on the true purpose of dance.
When I saw  these kids dance with such joy in the midst of so much brokenness and pain, I was reminded that we do the same thing here at SFB: we create a little bit of beauty in the midst of the crazy ups and downs of life. 

Read more here.

Thanks so much, Courtney and all the rest of the dancers! Your support is tremendous.

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