Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dreams in the Making ~ 2014 Tour of Light Training

To everyone who donated on behalf of our last Tour of Light training, here are some thank you messages from our dance troupe boys and girls: 

"I am happy to tell you that everyone is happy and working hard to be on the tour in 2014. I am in high spirits to meet you next year thanks to your support and the care you express to the Tour of Light dance troupe."

~Andrew Ntege

"Thank you for your support, love, kindness and cooperation. You must really love us because if it wasn't for your support, the training could not have gone on...I thank God that there are people who really do think about us."

~Kellen Nassozi 

"The training for the Tour of Light is going on well because I have been supported by you with everything I need to use.  I assure you that I am going to put in more effort because that is what will enable me to come to your country.  May God bless you."

~Julius Kyakuwa

"Thank you for all that you have managed to provide for our training so that we may continue with high spirits.  Our training is good because we feed well and we are also working hard.  I felt so happy hearing that my friends went to USA last year and I wish to be among them in 2014"

~Cate Nantale

Your support of Children of Uganda's 2014 Tour of Light will help make dreams come true for our most talented students in the performing arts. At the same time, Children of Uganda relies on the generosity of people like you to help educate, feed, clothe and protect all of the orphan and vulnerable students in our program - and so, every dollar we save in upfront costs for the tour is also a dollar earned for the continued care of our kids.

Our music and dance troupe has two vital trainings left before the 2014 Tour of Light kicks off in January. Costs increase with each subsequent training session - and yet, we can assure you the investment will pay off. The Tour of Light is our most successful means of raising both awareness and funds to help support our life-saving work on the ground in Uganda. 

Our 2014 Tour of Light music and dance troupe hopefuls will soon be training again during their 2nd school term holiday break starting in August. 

If 125 people read this message and give just $25 each on behalf of our August tour training, then the cost of feeding the entire dance troupe for their 3 week training period would be completely covered. Will you show your Tour of Light pride and support our most talented children with a gift today?